We’re here to support you and all contact details remain unchanged.

As you can imagine my absolute focus right now is how we get the company and its staff through the impending Covid-19 crisis, as well as doing everything we can to support our customers in achieving the same objective.

Our customers all make an important contribution to society. Our Private Sector customers provide employment and wealth creation, in turn generating tax income for HM Treasury which funds the Private Sector, where our Education and Healthcare customers deliver vital services. What we do underpins our customers’ organisations and never has our contribution been more critical to their continuity, in the face of the challenges of a true pandemic.

For the last couple of weeks, our operations and service delivery teams have been absolutely flat out with literally hundreds of customer requests around flexible and home working solutions, designed to be invoked in the event of a scenario which prevents all or the majority of their staff accessing their business premises. We have a role to play in the fight against Covid-19 and I am proud of the team’s absolute commitment, working tirelessly from our Network Operations Centre in the West Midlands.

Notwithstanding the volume of work currently being processed, Government advice changed on Monday 23 March and from the close of business on Tuesday 25 March, all MPS staff will work remotely, whilst a small number of designated staff will have access to our offices as they require. All support, project management, customer service, admin and sales functions will be provided remotely with all staff having full access to all our systems. We will endeavour to achieve our normal service levels but please be patient if you experience a delay in response at any time. We have already noticed increased disconnects in public networks during Tuesday, presumably as a result of the unprecedented level of home working.

Installation work involving site visits will cease at the close of business on Friday 27 March. We have spoken to all customers where installations involving site visits remain outstanding after this week and placed those installations on hold, with new installation dates to be confirmed in due course.

From Monday 30 March, all field engineering staff will be working from home. Field sales staff will continue to be based from home and must not carry out any site visits.

With immediate effect, we will not take any new orders for short term completion that require a site visit until further notice. If a salesperson introduces a project order then we will load on to SOP but there will be no dates estimated or confirmed.

You can be assured of our best attention at all times.

Finally, please stay safe.


If you do need to contact us, telephone 0330 333 6400 or email info@mpsplc.co.uk