Resilient, Secure and Flexible IoT Connectivity Solutions

Here at MPS, we offer a range of Cellular IoT Solutions to help you quickly connect your devices and staff to the internet wherever they need to operate.

Cellular IoT (Internet of Things) Connectivity refers to the ability of devices to connect to the internet via cellular/mobile networks, enabling communication and data transfer between devices and backend systems.

Whether you are looking for temporary internet access in a new location or a failover solution for your fixed line internet access, MPS can help. We provide a choice of WiFi ready stand-alone routers or DIA (Direct Internet Access) solutions to connect fixed line routers to the internet.

We also offer IoT SIM cards for tracking, monitoring and connecting devices, assets and vehicles, such as refrigeration units, vending machines, pay and display parking machines and barriers and advertising displays.

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Applications of Cellular IoT Connectivity

Industrial IoT: Cellular connectivity is widely used in industrial IoT applications, including asset tracking, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of industrial equipment.

Smart Agriculture: Cellular IoT solutions enable precision agriculture techniques, such as soil monitoring, crop management and livestock tracking, to optimise agricultural operations and increase productivity.

Healthcare: Cellular IoT connectivity supports remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and healthcare asset tracking, improving patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities.

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How MPS can help

WiFi Ready Cellular Routers

Quickly enable staff to access the internet at a temporary site, event or exhibition with a WiFi ready 4G/5G router with static IP address an unlimited data.

Direct Internet Access Routers

Provide cellular internet access as a quickly deployed pre-ethernet solution or as a failover option to back up your fixed line connectivity.

IoT SIM Cards

Connect a fleet of vehicles, monitor industrial equipment or track assets remotely, with the perfect IoT SIM card plan to suit your needs.

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