Advanced protection from digital threats

Robust cyber security is a must for any modern business. Step up your defences with our range of intelligent threat prevention and protection services.

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How MPS can help

Advanced security tools

From next-generation firewalls to secure web gateways, arm yourself with the best tools for keeping attacks at bay. Our solutions are tailored to your needs for flexible and dynamic protection.

Cloud and mobile protection

Flexible and home working doesn’t have to be a weak point in your digital armour. MPS can help keep your cloud-based assets safe, secure mobile devices and give you total control over who accesses your network.

Our partners

To deliver the protection you need, we’ve partnered with the best brands in cyber security.


As the largest software company in the world, Microsoft has been leading the way in digital technology for decades. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection helps protect devices, data and user identities as part of Microsoft 365 Cloud.


Fortinet’s Security Fabric is the industry’s highest-performing cyber protection platform. From small business to government organisations, Fortinet provides rigorous, real-time security services to stop cyber threats in their tracks.


Deploying a range of content-aware monitoring, filtering and firewall solutions, Smoothwall empowers education, public and private sector organisations to keep their people safe online.

Recent projects

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School

Safeguarding students is important for every school. This extends to the time spent online in the classroom. The school’s commitment to helping students embrace new technologies means a practical application in the classroom – allowing students to experience these technologies for themselves.

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