Many business people are understandably concerned about the developing Coronavirus situation and the potential impact for their organisation.

MPS has a business continuity framework in place which plans for a variety of potential business continuity incidents, including the impact of pandemic illnesses. Should the Coronavirus position escalate to the extent that we decide to close our offices entirely, as a result of UK authorities recommending large scale quarantine or otherwise, then all MPS staff will have full access to our voice, data and IT systems from their homes or any other “remote” location. The plan is designed to enable us to continue to operate our business and support our customers in such an event.

The work we do for our clients at MPS often underpins flexible working, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), disaster recovery and business continuity. The potential is greater now than at any time in the past, as you might expect. You can work with full voice, data and IT systems functionality from anywhere you can find an internet connection on any device, wired or wirelessly, and securely with the right hardware, software and policies in place. UC&C is a minefield with Teams from Microsoft, which can be integrated with a number of on-premises and cloud PBX, which provide full enterprise PBX features as well as the add-on of their own proprietary UC&C applications, which effectively compete with the Microsoft offering. Once the minefield is negotiated and the right combination implemented the results can be stunning and so can the reduction in costs.

Voice, chat and meetings (audio and video conferencing) from anywhere on any device. So powerful “business as usual” and with some additional planning and policies the stuff that makes for a coherent disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

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If you're concerned about business continuity during this time, get in touch on 0330 333 6400.