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Communication has always been key in healthcare, whether it’s connecting patients with doctors or enabling an efficient practice. Discover intelligent end-to-end solutions, designed, delivered and managed by our team of experts.

Here at MPS, we are committed to revolutionising healthcare through cutting-edge technology solutions. Our mission is to empower healthcare organisations with the tools they need to deliver better patient care, improve efficiency, and stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

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Medic-Call for Doctor’s Surgeries

Our Medic-Call service for doctor’s surgeries, delivers a range of communications solutions to include phone system, digital media such as WhatsApp and video collaboration. Medic-Call satisfies the needs of both the Practice team and the increasing service demands of central NHS and Government.

Whilst the phone remains the primary method of communication for a surgery and its patients the need to expand communications to accommodate changes such as patient triage, communicating with tech savvy and Social Media demanding patients has never been greater.

Medic-Call delivers a range of communication solutions that either enhance or if necessary, replace your current communication systems, enabling you to deliver your services, exactly as you wish to, with ease.

Here are some of the key features of Medic-Call

Choice of Phone System Deployment

Unlike most phone systems Medic-Call does not dictate how you deploy a new solution. Medic-Call support a Cloud or on premise or hybrid deployment – pay monthly, outright purchase or hybrid purchasing – one single system for a CCG or individual surgery Systems – with additional Health and Safety requirements to consider endorsing deployment.

System Management – Medic-Call Admin Portal

Irrespective of deployment type being a Cloud or on premise or hybrid deployment, Admin Portal offers ease of system Admin Management should the Surgery wish to make changes. Alternately your Medic-Call provider can easily access the system to make desired changes.

Practice Management – Reporting, Recording and Live Wallboards

Reporting and Recording are now essential capabilities for doctor’s surgeries. Medic- Call provides a simple search interface and easy playback of recordings, to protect staff from abusive or difficult callers and ensure patient health information is understood, or reviewed, as required.

Patient Record Integration – EMIS/SystmOne/INPS Vision

Integrating the patient record system with the phone system improves staff efficiency and patient interaction by ensuring that the correct patient information appears on the receptionist’s PC screen when a call is received or transferred. Recognising the inbound caller’s telephone number, Medic-Call systems can automatically present the patient’s details on screen.

WhatsApp Conversations

WhatsApp enables instant conversations, adopters of WhatsApp cross all generations making it a ideal communications tool of a surgery, secure messaging allowing the sending of patient information such as results, no charge for attaching patient information documents.

Multimedia Manager

How Patients wish to communicate is changing, and how they choose to message does not matter. We provide a single interface, allowing staff to reply to any message type with ease – Web Chat/Facebook/WhatsApp/Twitter/SMS/Email/Web Forms.

Medic-Call Auto Attendant

Single or multi-level auto attendant for Patient signposting. This time efficient service allows patients to select their desired destination, enabling self-service, while freeing up your busy staff from handling repetitive tasks. e.g. “Select 1 to Cancel Your Appointment”, to help you reduce your Did Not Attend (DNA) figures.

In Queue Announcements

There will inevitably be busy periods for handling phone calls during the week which cannot be avoided. Providing callers with a clear apology message, or information about the surgery, while they’re in a queue can enhance the patient experience.

Flexible Call Distribution

Calls can be routed to Surgery staff and teams, or overflow to other Surgeries within the CCG for out of hours cover, emergency routing activation or during busy periods.

Once self-service options are selected on Medic-Call Attendant, the routing of calls to the required staff or teams is key. Exception planning, such as Bank Holidays, can be set up or configured by the practice or MPS in advance, to avoid any last-minute changes.

Other features

Other feature include Emergency Tannoy, Desk Devices, DECT Wireless, Personal or Room Video Solutions, Call Forwarding, PC Softphones and Softphone Apps for Smartphones and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Support. Speak to our specialist team to find out more.

How MPS can help


Improve patient access and on-site communication with our intelligent telephony solutions. Our range of on-premises, cloud and hybrid systems can integrate with clinical databases to provide the exact solution your practice needs.

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Connectivity and WiFi

Fast, reliable connectivity is required to underpin cloud and IP telephony solutions. It is also needed to connect your practices and patients mobile devices to the public internet via secure WIFI. MPS can design, deliver and support fully integrated connectivity and WIFI solutions.

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Recent projects

Forest House Medical Centre

With such a busy practice, the phone calls coming in were unmanageable. In fact, patients calling in for emergency appointments were often met with an engaged tone and, on finally getting through, were often advised that all the appointments for the day had been booked.

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New Dispensary Surgery

A combination of patient complaints about the call charges and the NHS Directive instructing practices not to use premium rate 0844 telephone numbers for patient calls, meant that the New Dispensary Surgery needed to review its communications.

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Park Medical Centre

For some years, the Medical Centre had concerns raised by patients on how ineffective their old telephone system was and the problems it created for patients trying to get through to the surgery. The Centre needed a modern telephone system that could deal with the patient demands that they faced on a daily basis.

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Park Lane Surgery

The practice had a dated, analogue telephone system that had ceased to be fit for purpose. With only three lines in and out and no call-recording facility, staff had to wait for lines to be free at certain points in the day.

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De-Montfort Surgery

The practice phone system limitations often made it difficult for patients to get through to the surgery resulting in the De Montfort Surgery recording 52% patient satisfaction for GP Patient Surveys, some of the worst results in the region. Consultant and Surgery Business Manager Paul Houseman was tasked with improving the situation and GP…

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Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice

The practice had been tied into a contract, which funded the surgery phone system by using a non-geographic 0844 number for incoming calls. Despite capping the rebate from the previous provider such that the practice was not making any profit, a small number of patients were very vocal about the cost of calls to the surgery.

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Four Shires Medical Centre

The Four Shires Medical Centre shares a waiting area with The White House and Mange Cottage GP practices. Each had their own phone systems, but the practices realised they could streamline their systems.

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NHS South West Commissioning Support Unit

The 19 health centres used a range of different telephone systems and fixed line services from a number of providers. Most of the telephone systems had been in place for up to 10 years and their functionality was less than adequate.

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