Smart Connect Routers and IoT SIMs from MPS

Here at MPS we have launched an exciting new range of Cellular IoT (Internet of Things) Connectivity solutions in the form of Smart Connect Routers and IoT SIMs.

Smart Connect Routers

Our Smart Connect Cellular Routers can quickly provide internet access in a new, remote or temporary locations or events, or be the primary or fixed line backup/fail-over solution for internet access anywhere.

Choose from a WIFi-ready stand-alone router or a cellular DIA (Direct Internet Access) solution, that provides internet access to a wired router.

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Our IoT SIMs can be used to connect a fleet of vehicles, monitor refrigeration units or industrial equipment, or track assets remotely.

Benefit from instant, super-fast 4G and 5G connectivity solutions -ready when you are and available on single or multi-network tariffs, with dynamic or static IP addresses and with fixed or aggregated data allowances.

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What is the IoT?

The IoT is a network of dedicated devices – called things – deployed and used to gather and exchange real-world data across the internet or other networks. Examples of this technology in operation include the following:

Homes use sensors for tasks including security and home management, such as lights and appliance control, with status reporting and control performed through smartphone apps.

Industrial plants use sensors to monitor the presence of dangerous materials or workplace conditions such as refrigeration temperatures and manage employee movement throughout the facility.

IoT in transportation can help improve safety and efficiency on the road. Connected cars can communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure to prevent accidents and reduce traffic congestion. In addition, IoT future technology is working towards fleet management and allows companies to monitor fuel usage, vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour in real-time.

Cities deploy a fleet of sensors to monitor road and traffic conditions, adjusting a traffic control apparatus dynamically to route and optimise traffic based on prevailing situations.

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