An unusual request from one of our customers…

We recently received some positive feedback about our customer service from one of our customers, Disclosure Services, in the form of an email. It read like this:

I’ve got an unusual request – I’m currently sourcing customer service training for our team to ensure that we are offering the very best to our clients and maintaining our place in the industry for customer service excellence. I’ve noticed that whenever we contact anyone at MPS they are unfailingly professional, knowledgeable, warm, friendly and seem genuinely happy to help with our requests and queries– in short, they are brilliant at customer service and are displaying the very traits and high level we want to develop and maintain for our clients.


Does MPS use a specific customer service training company, training system or person and if so, would you mind sharing who they are with us so we can contact them about some bespoke customer service training for our team?


Hopefully this request isn’t too cheeky; we just want our clients to be as happy with us as we are with MPS.

Customer Service PraisedWe don’t use any third party for customer service training but customer service is the absolute cornerstone of our business and an area we are continually focusing on and striving to improve.

Recruitment, development and retention of the right people is key. We have low staff churn, a strong management team and try to provide a pleasant, positive working experience for all staff (office and field based). We operate a formal Professional Development Programme for every member of staff with annual reviews, which focus on achievements, aspirations aligned to the business and how these might be achieved.

In addition during the last 5 or 6 years we have increased focus on systems and processes with the introduction of a new Service Desk Application which integrates directly with staff’s Android devices and SharePoint, plus processes around these applications to drive efficiency and internal communication and collaboration. All managers instil a customer-focused ethos in all of their staff.

For one customer at least, our efforts seem to be paying off.

Our thanks go out to Disclosure Services for allowing us to publish their feedback.