MPS 3-2-1 Disaster Recovery is now available to keep all your company data safe. Running in the cloud, our 3-2-1 Disaster Recover solution makes sure your company data is backed up and ready to access should your live systems fail.

Our automated solution ensures that your data is backed up and kept off-site for additional security. In fact, our industry-standard backup strategy keeps 3 copies of your data:

1st copy is the live data stored on the server

2nd copy is a backup of the live data stored locally on different media

3rd copy is a backup of your live data stored off-site

Key advantages of MPS 3-2-1 Disaster Recovery

Automated off-site copy of data – no human interaction needed meaning it always gets done.

Lower data storage requirement – all the data is deduplicated and compressed before transmission.

Your data is safe – the backup data is secured via encryption in transit and at rest.

No GDPR compliance issues – all the data is stored in data centres based in the UK.

Greater resiliency in storage – storage level snapshots ensure your data is always safe.

Tailored data recovery – data can be grouped to achieve different Recovery Point and Time Objectives.

Know how to recover data – we’ll provide a fully documented recovery procedure.

Scheduled test restores – we’ll do regular restores of individual items and servers to ensure peace of mind

Additional protection – conforms to and extends the 321-strategy ensuring additional backups.

Simple, fixed, recurring costs – based on storage and licences used with no unexpected costs.

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