The way we work has changed, and with the future still uncertain, just how can we make mobile go even further in tackling your biggest digital workplace challenges?

To alleviate the pressure on IT teams and ensure workers can confidently operate from wherever they need to, without compromising on productivity and connectivity, mobile solutions need to be flexible and go even further in adapting to an organisation’s individual needs.

Device-as-a-Service enables flexibility with a choice of devices, each one catering to different workers’ needs. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Enterprise Edition, for example, is the perfect solution for home workers, while the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 offers benefits to frontline workers. The service also removes the hassle of provisioning new devices and provides a next business day replacement service, if required.

O2 recently conducted some research that showed how supporting different employee needs within your workforce could greatly impact productivity and help to improve employee retention. With seven different employee personas identified, it’s clear that the workplace means different things to different people, suggesting that a dynamic (and successful) workforce is an adaptable, agile and flexible one.

To gain further insights into how these personas and their preferences can help shape your organisation to improve productivity, take a look at the full report here.

So, just how can we make mobile go further to create a sustainable digital workspace for all? Flexibility in your mobile solution is key, here’s why:

Support your flexible workforce

With 85% of workers saying they want some form of flexibility over the way they work, organisations must be readily equipped to enable an ever-evolving hybrid workforce. Therefore, a cost-effective solution is one that gives your IT teams more visibility and control of the devices and networks they need. Ease the burden by utilising a plan with O2 and Samsung that adapts to your business needs, saving you money without compromising on productivity.

Keep everyone connected

A reliable digital workspace needs to be supported by a reliable network and great customer service. And 76% of workers now prefer a level of location flexibility post-pandemic, so organisations will need a mobile solution they can trust that’s able to adapt to them. With our award-winning network on your side and Knox Mobile Enrolment, the device enrolment service, you’ll never have to worry about downtime getting in the way of productivity. Plus, Device-as-a-Service ensures you get the most out of your devices with pre-configuration, simple provisioning and managed logistics.

Get the right tech

Samsung offers a range of rugged devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, enabling protection over your investment from unexpected accidents and seamlessly bridging the gap between home and the office. Offering a larger screen, longer-lasting battery and bigger memory, a device like the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 ensures your team is ready for business anywhere. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Enterprise Edition offers a high performance wherever you’re working, with defence-grade security that ensures your business is safe from cyber-attacks.

With a programmable key, you can transform it into a barcode scanner (additional license required), a walker-talkie and more, allowing you to keep pace with the most demanding workflows and features an intelligent battery that won’t let you down.  And, with 45% still reporting unreliable access to video conferencing facilities, supported solutions such as Microsoft Teams can enable employees to continue to be connected to their peers, and all with guaranteed security.

Understandable reporting

With 29% of workers worried that they’re not getting what they need to develop at workaccessible visibility of data usage can add real value to the day-to-day management of staff activity. Retain valuable employees by making sure they’ve got the resources they need to do their job, plus easily identify where data can be better distributed and when, giving you more choice and control over mobile, for less.

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