The BT-owned operator is initially launching in six cities: London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester, with more to follow before the end of the year and into 2020. 5G technology is the next generation of mobile network and is expected to offer internet speeds several times that of current generation 4G.

Faced with a panel of eminent politicians at a recent Midlands business forum, with a clear lack of understanding around the critical nature of 5G MPS MD Tim Docker commented:

“The Changing retail model, redevelopment of the high street and a 300% increase in “white” vans on the road due to online shopping have all been mentioned, but how has this been facilitated? The answer is the Internet and the connectivity required to connect the customer to the Internet. Consumers want to live where there is great connectivity, both fixed by way of copper/fibre into their homes and wireless by way of mobile networks. 5G isn’t difficult to understand. It’s the same as 3G and 4G (mobile data), just quicker and so the user experience will be enhanced not only in terms of speed of application use but the sophistication of applications able to be accessed; the more sophisticated the more bandwidth required.

It’s even more critical from a Midlands business perspective. Lord Digby Jones talked about people and their skills. I agree with everything he said, but what about technology which can underpin enhanced systems and processes and, in turn, improved productivity? Mobility is becoming increasingly prevalent in general and as a facilitator of a flexible working environment, in turn, critical around the recruitment and retention of high calibre staff. Increasingly innovative, powerful business management, communication and collaboration systems are being deployed within business premises and the Cloud. In either case, to optimise potential performance, access to these applications must be facilitated by the best/fastest connectivity possible which means fibre to the customers’ premises and 5G for mobile workers.

The best connectivity provides business with genuine commercial advantage and consumers with an enhanced online experience. On this basis, 5G can build houses and roads by its contribution to business growth and increasing employment in a region which embraces this newest variant of mobile data communication. It’s wrong to say we should have it because it’s the latest thing; there is a compelling argument and I hope I have expressed it adequately.”

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