Unified Threat ManagementNetwork and security technologies continue to evolve along with the fast pace of today’s business and are becoming the norm for most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The necessary introduction of these technologies over time has made their environments increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Specifically, the rise of mobile and remote workers, as well as an explosion of connected devices, has spurred the need for virtual private networking, wireless access points, wired routing/switching and more.

At the same time, the use of cloud-based services and simple growth of the business to expand with multiple locations has driven the need for WAN connectivity/optimisation, along with 4G connectivity, for business continuity.

With this innovation and increased complexity comes an increased opportunity for cyber criminals whose attacks have become more sophisticated.

At the same time, having most if not all staff connected to the internet, brings it’s own challenges of managing access to good or appropriate websites and traffic, whilst blocking malicious or inappropriate websites and traffic.

MPS has managed local and wide area network security for some years now and manages internet access for large schools and nurseries. However in response to the growing need to manage a wide variety of security-related applications and infrastructure components, we have recently launched a Unified Threat Management service.

Fortinet Unified Threat ManagementWith our award-winning Fortinet Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions, we can simplify your network infrastructure and provide firewall, intrusion detection, anti-malware, spam and content filtering and VPN capabilities in one integrated service.

If you are struggling to manage multiple security risks via multiple suppliers, switching to a UTM service from MPS will give you a single trusted partner to simply and securely manage all of your applications and infrastructure components.

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