IT Support Services

MPS Networks has been providing comprehensive and competitive IT Support Services since 1991. We believe that one contract type can never be suitable for all organisations and therefore our support contracts can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our support contracts consist of the following options.

Helpdesk and Remote Support

Our helpdesk is central to our service operation and for all your support issues, incidents and problems. It is designed to ensure that all raised calls are logged and resolved in the quickest time possible.

Our helpdesk is manned by a skilled team of trained support technicians who receive regular training to ensure effective support for all common technologies.

Our helpdesk follows industry best practice to ensure smooth operation and consistent service levels, all making for a more pleasant and productive client experience. The helpdesk is responsible for 1st, 2nd and some 3rd line support issues and has authorisation to escalate calls to site visit as and when required.

To further increase resolution response times, MPS has implemented remote support technology to allow our helpdesk staff to take control of remote machines in order to resolve incidents. From your perspective this decreases the levels of disruption experienced by your staff and ensures that your business is back up and fully functional without having to wait for an engineer to be dispatched to site. MPS operates two independent remote support technologies. The first technology is used to provide access to your servers without any interaction by your staff; the second method is a clientless remote support session that is initiated by your staff to ensure increased security levels.

Field Service and On-Site Support

For the occasions when remote support is unable to resolve a fault, MPS operate a team of field service engineers. Our standard levels of cover offer a 4 hour response time, for a priority 1 issue, from the point of escalation from the helpdesk and an 8 hour response time is given, for a priority 2 issue, from the point of escalation from the helpdesk.

As an additional service, our field engineers are available to be booked for proactive service visits, for general maintenance and housekeeping.

MPS 365 Active Server Monitoring

MPS 365 Active Server Monitoring

MPS has invested in a 24/7 remote monitoring solution to provide a real-time status on each server that is monitored. This solution provides performance indicators on the following – disk space, CPU utilisation, physical RAM, services and uptime, and much more.

Our system collates these indicators at regular intervals and passes them back to a central server at MPS over a secure connection. Pre-set thresholds are created and any violation of these thresholds is presented back to our helpdesk. A central dashboard is provided for all helpdesk staff to instantly overview the health of your server and to evaluate any threshold alerts generated.

As this system sends data to our central server, there is no requirement to open any additional ports or services on your firewall. This ensures the integrity of your perimeter network is maintained.

Monitoring is the only cost effective way to provide pro-active support services. The information provided is central to identifying faults and potential bottlenecks before severely impacting your end users.

For pricing and information about our IT Support Services call 0330 333 6400