Reduce Costs

Reducing operational costs is usually high on the agenda for any organisation. When it comes to your IT and communications costs, this is an area that MPS Networks can help you with.

Whilst our focus is on providing robust and reliable products and services of the highest quality, the evolution of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and cloud based hosted services means that there have been and still are, opportunities to make significant savings on your monthly communication costs.

If you have not reviewed your voice, data and IT infrastructure for some time, you are most likely paying more than you need to and you should be taking advantage of some of the new flexible and cost effective services available.

SIP Trunk

Switch to SIP

BT has already announced its intention to cease traditional ISDN services by 2025 and migrate customers onto IP based services but there is no need to wait until 2025. Switching from ISDN to IP based SIP Trunks now, can greatly reduce your monthly telephone line rental costs and bundled all inclusive call packages can mean that you enjoy free calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

There are now more SIP Trunks sold each month than ISDN circuits, as they offer much greater flexibility to increase and decrease the number of lines you need, as well as offering additional disaster recovery benefits. Find out more.

Migrate to the Cloud for Telephony

If you are still own or lease a traditional telephone system and/or you are still buying your PC software outright, it may be time to migrate to the cloud. If you are using an on-site telephone system you are most likely paying a maintenance contract and possibly incurring additional engineering charges for site visits and software updates.

Switching to one of our cloud based telephony services means you can refresh you technology and add flexibility, mobility and functionality without any up front capital expense. Migrate to the cloud, say goodbye to maintenance contracts and always being on the latest software levels, with simple web based control over your system administration. Find out more.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud IT Services

Migrate to the Cloud for IT

Switching to our cloud based Microsoft Office 365 service means that you no longer need to buy new operating systems and applications every few years. Your PC software is seamlessly updated as new releases come out and your systems and data are automatically backed up in secure data centres, so they can be accessed from anywhere and offer a disaster recovery solution, should you need it. Find out more.

Consolidate Suppliers

MPS Networks offers end-to-end IT and communications solutions, from connectivity such as your telephone lines and data networks, to onsite and cloud based telephony and computing solutions and mobile phones.

As well as offering competitive pricing, what we do offer is a single point of contact for every aspect of your IT and communications. Avoid issues of ‘finger pointing’ should you have a problem and managing multiple suppliers. Whatever the problem, we will own it and manage manufacturers and network providers on your behalf to achieve a prompt resolution of any issue.

We do understand however that not all of your current contracts will be up for renewal at the same time, so what we will do, is offer honest advice on the most cost effective time to switch your various services over to MPS. You can then start to enjoy our first class service and support. See what customers have to say about us.

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