What's the big deal?

By utilising your workforce more intelligently and making smarter use of communications and information technology, you can free your business from the confines of the office enabling staff to communicate and exchange information and ideas when and where it suits them – whether they’re at their desk, hot-desking, travelling, on location or working from home.

Big business benefits

Flexible working can offer business numerous advantages. As well as opening up new directions and opportunities for your business, now and in the future, flexible working can help you…

  • increase productivity by introducing work styles that better meet the needs of your employees, offering them a better work-life balance in turn boosting morale and commitment;
  • attract and retain high calibre staff (flexible working is a top priority for highly educated and skilled professionals);
  • improve business continuity, minimising downtime as staff remain productive by working remotely or from home;
  • provide business functions 24/7;
  • reduce premises, equipment, operational and travel costs;
  • increase business agility, quickly and easily adapting to changing market conditions, and responding more rapidly to customer needs;
  • improve employee interaction through more fluid, project-based methods of working to boost inter-departmental collaboration;
  • connect people easily and quickly regardless of location;
  • comply with legislation and ensure that you meet legal requirements;
  • meet sustainability targets and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing travel and using office space more effectively.

Meet new employment regulations regarding the rights to request flexible working and download the ACAS Guide.

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The Big idea

Flexible working is about more than friendly hours. It’s about adopting an approach which embraces freedom, collaboration and focus to create a work environment which drives greater effectiveness in achieving performance outcomes. It’s a way of operating that promotes autonomy and self-control in individuals, teams and organisations to increase employee productivity and business performance.

With business practices changing all the time and the advent of new and developing technologies such as IP, IP-PBX, wired, wireless and converged networks, many businesses are looking to flexible working for its innovation and all the associated advantages it brings with it. A ‘nomadic’ workforce can create openings, seize the initiative and respond quickly and efficiently to every opportunity and challenge – giving you huge competitive advantage.

Small change big difference

MPS flexible working solutions provide not only the expertise and experience needed to help create a flexible working strategy but also the practical skills and resources to execute it.

We take a holistic view of your business, providing you with an objective overview of your people, property, processes and organisational culture and a comprehensive business case on the advantages that flexible working can bring to your business in terms of improved productivity, cost reduction, staff morale and customer satisfaction.

We understand that change doesn’t always sit comfortably with everyone but using a proven methodology for change and by working with key personnel in HR, property, finance, IT and employee representatives, we can gain a thorough understanding of the issues and how they affect people to gain trust, understanding and commitment and help them adjust to the new way of thinking and working.

We can then advise on appropriate work styles and suitable options, developing and implementing an integrated solution and supplying and installing all IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Our support team is on standby at all times to provide training and help ease the transition, enabling staff and departments to confidently and successfully move towards new ways of working.

One big number

Work is what you do and not a place you go.

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