School MIS Telephone Integration

Call Connect for Education is a next generation communications solution for schools, that links your School MIS* to the MPS Study-Call Cloud Voice telephone system and provides the following features and benefits.

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Call Connect Features

Inbound Screen Pop

When your telephone rings, the software on your PC monitoring your extension activates to provide a discrete on-screen display showing the caller’s number, name and address Book information for the caller.

Dashboard launches on answering call showing additional MIS information for the children associated with the caller, including photo, year, class, and DoB, recent attendance and bespoke alert notes (for safeguarding and other important information).

Information and option to launch Pupil Record in MIS varies according to the specific MIS and its communication functionality:

  • Instant caller recognition
  • Save 10-30 secs on every call
  • Great for diverse ethnicity, hard to spell names and where English is an alternative language
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Verify caller identity & parental responsibility
  • Ease pressure at busy times
  • Highlight Safeguarding Issues

*SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom and ISMAS supported – other School MIS on request

Outbound Communication

On screen click to dial parents & other contacts from MIS, Address Book or anywhere on screen. Improve the effectiveness of SMS and email communication by using accurately captured new numbers.

  • Never misdial
  • Save time

New Number Capture

When receiving a call from an unknown number, automatically capture the number with options add this to a parent or add to the Centralised Address Book linked to the Phone System Directory.

  • Accurate capture of changing Parent contact numbers
  • Parent and Business contacts
  • Maximise benefits from caller preview
  • Enhance SMS solutions- reduce failed messages

OFSTED Support

Provide demonstrable support for key OFSTED policies.

  • Safeguarding
  • Attendance
  • Inclusion
  • Parental Engagement

Download our Call Connect for Education datasheet

How MPS can help


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