Education Communication Solutions

Effective communication is at the heart of every successful educational facility. MPS Networks helps schools to harness new communication technology to deliver new ways of pupil learning, whilst enhancing the essential collaboration between students, parents and the school.

Telephony Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of telephony products and services to enable you to eliminate duplication and cost, simplify administration and benefit from a single point of contact for all support issues. Our services include:

  • Telephone Lines and Calls for Schools
  • IP Telephony Solutions
  • High Speed Broadband for Schools
  • Messaging Solutions
  • SIMS Integration

Benefitting schools in many ways

For technology to be of benefit to schools it must be integrated and easy to use. MPS delivers innovation and communication solutions that offer teaching professionals simplicity and seamless access to information. We ensure that your school, regardless of its size, is more flexible and responsive. Call routing allows incoming calls to be directed to the appropriate staff member on the first call. We can also pre-programme how your calls are dealt with during high call volume periods to free up reception staff, for example before school starts when parents ring in to report student absence.

Lowering costs and enhancing communication

We understand the commercial and operational needs of educational facilities and can offer complete communications solutions, that are designed, delivered and supported exclusively by the our own skilled & dedicated team. Solutions include:

  • High Speed Broadband for Schools – MPS provides high speed, high availability broadband circuits for schools, that can cater for both data and voice connectivity.
  • FREE calls to UK landline & mobile numbers – providing schools with a fixed budget telephony solution.
  • 24×7 Absence Reporting for Staff and Students – Automate the absence reporting process. Parents or staff can simply call into the school at any time of the day or night and report an absence. These messages are time stamped and delivered to the correct member of staff as a series of answers to simple interactive questions.
  • Automated Message Delivery – This gives Reception staff the ability to record a conversation with a caller. When the call is over, the call is automatically delivered to the device of the member of staff (deskphone, iPad, PC, or smartphone).
  • SIMS Telephone Integration – The school SIMS database can be used to display the details of the caller on incoming calls, as well as staff being able to dial a parent via the PC.
  • Smartphone and Tablet Integration with VoWiFi – iOS and Android smartphones and tablets can be seamlessly connected to the telephone system, by utilising a Wi-Fi network throughout the school.

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