Struggling with poor network coverage, bandwidth or network outages?

If mobile connectivity is critical for your business or you have mobile staff who need to work in areas where mobile coverage cannot be guaranteed by one network provider then MPS has the solution. Our Multi-network SIM’s are designed to always connect to the strongest mobile network, delivering vital internet connectivity even in busy locations or in areas with intermittent coverage.

With 4G connectivity across all major UK networks in a single SIM and seamless roaming between them, our Multi-network SIMs are perfect for keeping your business connected regardless of the local coverage, bandwidth capacity or risk of outages.

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Fully Managed and Supported Multi-Network Data SIM cards

Talk to our Mobile Business Manager Elaine Darby about your business mobile connectivity challenges and Elaine can guide you through our game changing Multi-network SIM solutions. Unlike their steered counterparts, our un-steered Multi-network SIMs don’t have a preferred network. The devices they power will search for the strongest signal with the highest capacity, giving you the best connectivity possible—no matter where you are.

Pre-Ethernet Connectivity and Mobile Failover Solutions

If you are waiting for fixed line data connectivity or need short term connectivity for remote sites, ask about our Instanet™ pre-ethernet solutions. Get your new or temporary offices connected as quickly as the next day via 4G and 5G mobile networks. Likewise if you need 4G and 5G back up for your fixed line data services, MPS can help.

Your Multi-network SIM card questions answered

What is a Multi-network SIM card?

A multi-network SIM card, also known as a multi-IMSI SIM card or a global SIM card, is a special type of SIM card that allows a device to connect to multiple mobile networks. Unlike a traditional SIM card, which is tied to a specific network operator, a multi-network SIM card is designed to work with multiple network providers.

The multi-network SIM card contains multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) numbers, which are unique identifiers associated with different network operators. These IMSIs allow the SIM card to authenticate and connect to different networks, depending on the availability and signal strength of each network in a particular location.

When a device with a multi-network SIM card tries to establish a connection, it scans the available networks and selects the most suitable one based on factors like signal strength, coverage, and cost. The SIM card then uses the corresponding IMSI to authenticate with the chosen network and establish a connection for voice, SMS or data services.

What are the advantages of a Multi-network SIM card?

The main advantage of a multi-network SIM card is its ability to provide connectivity across multiple networks, ensuring better coverage and reliability. It allows the device to switch seamlessly between networks if one network experiences issues or if a stronger signal is available from a different network.

Multi-network SIM cards are particularly useful for businesses that operate in remote or challenging environments, require international roaming capabilities, or need robust backup options to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. They offer flexibility, cost optimisation, and increased resilience for businesses that rely on mobile communications.

Multi-network SIMs offer redundancy and increased reliability. If one network experiences an outage or has poor service quality, the SIM can automatically switch to another available network, minimising downtime and ensuring continuous communication.

Never worry about coverage, bandwidth or outages again – ask about our Multi-Network Data SIM card solutions.


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How MPS can help

Seamless roaming between networks

Enjoy the best connection in your location without suffering any dips in connectivity.

Fully managed with usage alerts

Get detailed notifications when a SIM is nearing its data limit. Our dashboard is designed with a comprehensive set of tools that make managing your SIMs effortless.

One SIM, one bill, endless options

We offer bespoke tariffs as short or long as you need, with any amount of data. And whether your SIM switches network two times or twenty, you’ll receive just one bill.

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