Business-class mobile with a focus on customer service

MPS Corporate Mobile is a mobile service built exclusively for the business market. It’s designed to ensure you get improved coverage for voice and data. Every business has its own mobile needs, and yours is no different. But every business needs a fast, reliable service designed to enhance business productivity.

Here’s what MPS Corporate Mobile offers your business:

Great coverage on the move

Working on the move won’t be a problem. Our MultiNet bolt-on lets your SIM look for the best available network. That means you don’t need multiple providers, saving you time and money.

Customer service that delivers

You have one point of contact. Whether it’s applying or lifting a data bar, managing your mobile fleet or simply understanding your bill, we’ll make sure it all happens.

Tariffs that suit your needs

You’re in charge of the tariffs. Choose from bundled minutes packages or pay-as-you-go, single user, shared user and unlimited. You’ll have access to our bolt-ons to make the packages work for your needs.

Competitive rates for you

As a fixed-line and mobile network operator, we can offer competitive on-net rates, whilst making fixed/mobile convergence an affordable reality for your business.

Work on the go

MPS Corporate Mobile lets you access everything you need to keep working no matter where you are.

Avoid unnecessary disruptions

Keep your business working even when up against unexpected events such as snow, floods or roadworks. Our mobile offering can easily integrate with your fixed lines, saving your business from unnecessary disruptions.

Control roaming charges

You’re in charge of your expenditure when travelling overseas. Our range of Business Traveller bolt-ons suit your schedule and reduce the risk of unexpected data charges.

MPS Corporate Mobile

For details about MPS Corporate Mobile, call us on 0330 333 6400