Mobile Communications

MPS Networks offers a complete range of business mobile communications solutions from O2, Vodafone and EE, including network contracts, mobiles, smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices.

O2 Vodafone EE

Mobile expertise

We are experienced in delivering mobile communications across a wide range of environments and work closely with our clients to build solutions that complement their business activities. Where required, we offer mobile solutions that are integrated with our office communications delivering genuine improvements in accessibility and productivity.

Stress free mobility for business

We take the headache out of managing mobile communications. We monitor all the latest devices and tariffs to make sure you’re always getting the best solution for your business and notify you if there is an opportunity to reduce costs. We synchronise new mobile contracts when fleet contracts are renewed to simplify billing and administration.

Personalised friendly service

We regularly achieve an 80-90% in our O2 Customer Survey Index (CSI) rating, with our highest ever result being 97% – one of the highest results in the UK. All account management and support is managed by our own friendly staff in our UK headquarters (no queuing for off shore contact centres). We manage the network providers on your behalf, to ensure you receive the right quality of service and support from the start.

Switching is easy

MPS will manage all the elements of your contract migration, whether you’re simply swapping devices, changing networks or rolling out unified communications services to your mobile workforce. We will contact your current provider, supply any new handsets and arrange your switch-over date to ensure a seamless transition.

Creative finance

In addition to offering individual tariffs, shared user tariffs and bundled tariffs we offer flexible finance options with creative use of hardware funding across both MPS mobile and fixed line services, maximising savings for our customers. Our comprehensive billing platform provides transparency of costs and helps you to manage expenditure over the lifetime of your contract.

Peace of mind

We aim to minimise risk and reinforce business continuity whilst simplifying fleet management; generating a significant return on your mobile investment and providing a solution that delivers on price, performance improvement and user experience. We also Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions to help you manage your mobile devices.

Reduce your mobile costs and simplify fleet management by calling 0330 333 6400