Intelligent IoT and cellular connectivity solutions from MPS Networks

Whether you’re looking to connect a fleet of vehicles, monitor industrial equipment or track assets remotely, we have the perfect IoT SIM card plan to suit your needs. Say no to long deployments, hefty overages and unreliable fixed lines and take advantage of our instant, super-fast internet connectivity.

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Intelligent Flexible IoT SIMs

Instant, super-fast connectivity

Plug and play 4G and 5G solutions -ready when you are

Single or Multi-network SIMs

Dynamic or Static IP addresses

Fixed or Aggregated data allowances

Why choose MPS for IoT SIM cards?

Reliable Connectivity: Our IoT SIM cards operate on robust networks, ensuring reliable connectivity wherever* your devices are deployed.

Flexible Plans: Choose from a range of flexible plans tailored to your specific usage requirements such as occasional reporting or real-time monitoring, we have a plan for you.

Global Coverage: With our extensive network coverage, you can deploy your IoT devices virtually anywhere in the world* with confidence (pricing & availability on request).

Multi-Network and Single-Network Options: We offer both multi-network and single-network IoT SIM cards to accommodate various use cases. Our multi-network SIMs automatically switch between multiple networks to ensure maximum coverage and reliability, while our single-network SIMs provide dedicated connectivity on a specific network.

Personalised Support: Our dedicated support team is available during office hours to assist you with any inquiries or technical issues you may encounter.

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* Mobile services are subject geographic location and building structure.
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How MPS can help

Data aggregation

Got more than one SIM? We can create a shared data pool for multiple SIMs to dip into when they need it - slashing costs, de-risking overage and giving you one single, simple bill.

Automated, self optimising tariffs

We know overages are common with cellular services—but they don’t need to be. Our connectivity solutions use self-optimising tariffs to keep you safe from overages.

Every network in one SIM

No single network has flawless coverage or uptime. Ensure your solutions stay online with un-steered Multi-network SIMs that seamlessly connect to the best network—no matter where they’re deployed.

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