At MPS, we’re serious about protecting your business from cyber threats. That’s why we offer a completely free Cyber Risk Assessment.

It all starts with a call with one of our cyber security consultants. We’ll ask you questions about your environment related to cyber security. You’ll also have a chance to talk about any concerns you have. Finally, we’ll talk you through the assessment process.

The risk assessment breaks down into two parts.

Secure Configuration Audit

(1 day: half day scan and half a day to build the report)

To ensure your cloud environment is safe and secure from threats, our free bespoke service will focus on the following five configuration settings within either Office 365 or G-Suite. If not configured correctly, it could leave your business vulnerable to attacks from inside and outside. We will require admin access to your platform.


  1. Who has access to the Platform, are they trusted end-users?
  2. Which devices have access to the Platform, are they trusted devices?
  3. Ensuring privileged access is assigned to the right end-users.
  4. Ensuring only trusted devices have access to data and can sync.
  5. How Secure is your environment?

Continuous Breach Detection

(2 days: 1 day scan, 1 day to build the report)

A non-intrusive process, based on the business’s domain name(s), highlighting any external vulnerabilities. Monitoring the surface, deep and dark web, we identify any data and/or intellectual property theft or brand misuse. We help you evaluate potential threats so you can prioritise and coordinate resources more effectively. We will require domain(s) and we cover:

  1. Subdomains
  2. Domain Squatting Instances
  3. Compromised Credentials
  4. Threat Actors
  5. Services

Following the completion of the above scans, we will send you the reports and arrange another call with our cyber security consultant. This is to answer any questions you might have and to discuss the report outcomes and how you can remedy any threats we have found.

Ready to book your Cyber Risk Assessment?

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