At MPS, we’re serious about protecting your business from cyber threats. That’s why we offer a completely free Cyber Risk Assessment.

It all starts with a call with one of our cyber security consultants. We’ll ask you questions about your environment related to cyber security. You’ll also have a chance to talk about any concerns you have. Finally, we’ll talk you through the assessment process.

The risk assessment breaks down into two parts.

External Vulnerability Scan

Our Vulnerability Assessment can help identify weaknesses on your cyber perimeter. Vulnerabilities translate into business risk and can be targeted by attackers. Take the first step by increasing your visibility into potential opportunities for attackers to start the journey of safeguarding your environment. We require only your external/public-facing IPs. We will:


  1. Provide a consolidated, prioritized report.
  2. Give you a faster time to remediation.
  3. Be on hand for monthly assessments as your needs change.

Continuous Breach Detection

(2 days: 1 day scan, 1 day to build the report)

A non-intrusive process, based on the business’s domain name(s), highlighting any external vulnerabilities. Monitoring the surface, deep and dark web, we identify any data and/or intellectual property theft or brand misuse. We help you evaluate potential threats so you can prioritise and coordinate resources more effectively. We will require domain(s) and we cover:

  1. Subdomains
  2. Domain Squatting Instances
  3. Compromised Credentials
  4. Threat Actors
  5. Services

Following the completion of the above scans, we will arrange a collaboration session for you with your MPS cyber security consultant, to present our findings, proposed remedial actions and your cyber security strategy moving forward.

Ready to book your Cyber Risk Assessment?

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