Inbound Telephony

Non Geographic Numbers

The MPS Inbound Telephony portfolio comprises a compressive range of Non-Geographic Telephone Numbers, “Out of Area” Numbers, Call Routing, IVR and Call Recording options.

Non-Geographic and “Out of Area” telephone numbers provide our customers with a simple and powerful service interface delivering free, discounted or premium rated inbound calls and/or national presence by way of single or multiple number allocation.

“Out of Area” Telephone Numbers are formatted and appear as geographic telephone numbers whilst these numbers are hosted on our Inbound Platform and can, as such, be delivered to any national location providing users with the appearance of local presence.

All Non-Geographic and “Out of Area” telephone numbers are routed via our Inbound Telephony platform which provides flexible options in terms of call delivery.

Call Routing

Call Routing (the delivery destination) can be determined by a number of parameters including time, day, date, location of caller (by CLI) or caller prompt in conjunction with the IVR Solution which is part of the Inbound Telephony Platform. The IVR Solution can answer callers with a recorded message and then prompt callers to select options which determine call routing and delivery.

Various Call Recording options enable inbound calls to be recorded at network level.

The MPS Inbound Telephony Portfolio is provided in conjunction with Kcom, one of the UK’s leading providers of inbound solutions guaranteeing best in class service.

For more information about our Inbound Telephony solutions please call 0330 333 6400