Paul John Construction keeps staff mobile whilst halving monthly costs

The Customer

Paul John Construction (Leicester) Ltd was founded in 1976 by John Henry to provide a specialist service to the construction industry throughout the Midlands and Southern region. Today, it is still owned by John Henry, who is now the Chairman of the company. Based in Coalville, Leicestershire, the company has seen steady growth in the 40 plus years it’s been in business and today employs around 40-50 office-based staff, with another 200 employees working on construction sites. To facilitate growth the company has  established various divisions providing services such as groundworks, roads & sewers and plant services. These divisions work on behalf of national residential organisations and developers, delivering projects such as foundations and landscaping, drainage schemes, infrastructure works and highways. Projects can be complex; communications, in particular, mobile communications, is a crucial aspect in delivery and providing services in a timely manner.

The Situation

When Matt Moore, Group IT Coordinator, joined Paul John the Company’s mobile phones were overseen by one of the general managers, who had taken out a contract directly with an airtime provider. Much of the management of the contract and the phones was done in-house. On investigation, it became apparent that this direct airtime provider relationship was unwieldly; monetary and management time costs were an area of real concern. Once the unenviable task of managing the Company’s mobile phones was passed to Matt, he knew there had to be a better way of ensuring employees were able to communicate on the move, whilst balancing the cost and management time involved. “At the time MPS provided our landlines”, said Matt. “Working with them was so easy and when I received an email from them outlining the mobile phone service they provide, I decided to ask them to look at how they could help us improve efficiency and reduce costs.”

In addition to the significant cost of the current contract, Paul John had to purchase hardware separately resulting in unwelcome Capex costs on a planned or ad-hoc basis. The service level delivered by the airtime provider was also an issue that Matt wanted to solve; being without hardware for a member of staff at crucial times was a business-critical problem.
“I wanted to ensure the company had a competitively priced contract, that included the hardware required and great customer service,” Matt added. “MPS appeared to be the one-stop-shop we were looking for.”

The Solution

Having discussed the options available MPS consolidated Paul John’s airtime contract and hardware requirements generating an initial cost reduction of £3,000 per month. Hardware of Paul John’s choice is made readily available without any Capex required. There are currently around 150 phones in use across
the business, mostly iPhones and Samsung. In addition to achieving monetary savings, Matt also found this new arrangement saved him time every month. “Each month, I would have to go through all the bills to ensure we were getting the most out of our contract. Now, MPS takes care of that for me. They analyse the bills and I get a summary telling me if any of the limits have been exceeded and why. It saves me so much time each month. They provide new and replacement hardware really quickly as well”.

The Impact

Since moving their mobile phone contract to MPS Paul John has achieved significant monthly savings. Today, the monthly cost per month has halved in comparison to when dealing directly with the airtime provider. There’s also been a cost saving in relation to the hardware, which is now included in the contract.
With the benefit of MPS provided monthly billing analyses, Matt can ensure his time is spent on keeping staff connected when they are on site. “Today, I don’t have to worry if one of the team comes to me needing a new phone. I get in touch with the team at MPS and we get a replacement handset the next day. I don’t have to chase them, and I have a happy team, who can carry on doing their jobs,” Matt added.

In Summary

In summing up working with MPS Matt said, “MPS has always been the most competitive. When our contract comes up for renewal I always check with other providers, but MPS always comes out on top. I have a really good relationship with them, and they provide great customer service. So, when renewal time does come up, it’s a no-brainer really!” Matt added, “If anyone is thinking of working with MPS, I’d say go for it! I can’t think of anyone who’s better than them. They are easy to deal with and have great customer service, so I’d recommend them any day.”

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“If anyone is thinking of working with MPS, I’d say go for it! I can’t think of anyone who’s better than them.”

Matt Moore

Group IT Coordinator