MPS makes the grade with King Edward VII School

Project Overview

Situated on the edge of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, King Edward VII School is an LEA maintained secondary school, a Specialist Teaching College and a Technology College. Built as the local grammar school in 1910, the buildings are now spread across a 60-acre site ranging from a hunting lodge built in 1897 to a brand new technology block. The School had been using a Siemens ISDX system since 1998 and now required an IP solution capable of delivering up to date applications as well as supporting over 60 existing analogue telephones.

The Challenge

With over 2,000 pupils, 107 teaching staff, almost 100 support staff and the assurance of significant LEA changes to educational provision and site infrastructure, the school identified an increasing requirement for a better communications system. The existing ISDX system was starting to creak under the weight and unable to cope with emerging technologies and applications.

The School had a number of specialist requirements such as Automated Text Alerts to notify parents of pupil absences or adverse weather conditions, the ability to contact “roaming” staff such as Premises Officers and Lunchtime Supervisors; and an overwhelming variety of constantly changing requirements for contact and voicemail from individual staff and departments.

MPS Solution

MPS approached the school and a series of meetings and site visits culminated in a full analysis of the existing system and a comprehensive report which outlined a number of recommendations. Following careful consideration and a visit to Panasonic’s state of the art UK manufacturing facility the School Management Team decided to commit to MPS and the Panasonic solution. The Panasonic factory visit proved to be a revelation to the King Edward Team. The factory is at the leading edge of telephony manufacturing in the world and, aside from the research, design and manufacturing capabilities, the Team were particularly impressed with the clear commitment to quality control and minuscule return rates achieved as a result.

The Result

The team agreed the implementation plan which involved the provision of 70 extensions including the integration of 60 existing analogue telephones plus operator console, voicemail, mobile working and the migration from analogue to digital and IP technologies. The existing system, which was the size of a large filing cabinet with endless leads, sockets and plugs, has been replaced with a neat and unobtrusive ‘PC’ sized unit.

The Outcome

From the very first meeting there was a clear understanding of the School’s requirements. All practical aspects of delivery took place as specified and disruption to every day school life was non-existent. MPS has delivered against the School’s requirements providing immediate enhanced functionality and operational process improvement as well as an IP communications platform which should be capable of delivering against the School’s evolving communications requirements well into the future.

Partnering with MPS

Talking about MPS,  Director of Support Services Ray Waring said “Their service and attitude stood head and shoulders above the other suppliers we considered.”

“Although MPS were not the cheapest stood head and shoulders above the other suppliers we considered. When it became apparent that we had to that we found a system and provider not only able to meet our critical requirements but also evolve with the school. and effectiveness. From the very start not only were MPS able to demonstrate knowledge and experience, they were also able to understand our specific requirements and anticipate our future needs. That was crucial to our final decision.”

King Edward VII School

King Edward VII School

King Edward VII School

“From the very start not only were MPS able to demonstrate experience and knowledge, they were also able to understand our specific requirements and anticipate our future needs.”

Ray Waring
Director of Support Services